1. What are the factors that one should consider before selecting an insurance company?

Ideally the company that has a cashless tie-up with the widest network that u may visit in case of an accident. Secondly, the company which offers you the best rate without any excess on it. Above all, choose a company that has a good and fastest claim settling ratio and record.

2. Why two insurance company's premiums are not same?

While the premium rating of standard products may almost be the same, 1. "ADD - ON" covers 2. Different discounts, 3. Different LIABLITY cover 3. Difference in Insured value are the reasons for varying premium amounts between one company and the other.

3. What is NCB and how is it calculated?

If you don't make any insurance claim on your vehicle then you are eligible for a No Claim Bonus (NCB). This is a discount on your premium for the coming year and is calculated as under: -

  • 1st year - 0% in Own Damage premium amount
  • 2nd year - 20% in Own Damage premium amount
  • 3rd year - 25% in Own Damage premium amount
  • 4th year - 35% in Own Damage premium amount
  • 5th year - 45% in Own Damage premium amount
  • 6th year - 50% in Own Damage premium amount

4. What is Excess? Is Excess good or bad?

Excess means the amount that will be deducted by the insurance company before making the payment to insured. There are two types of excesses. First one is compulsory which is a standard deductible as per the policy terms and conditions.

The second is a voluntary excess, which is deducted during the claim over and above the standard excess. By opting for a higher voluntary excess by the Insured, Insurance companies offer premium discounts at the time of policy inception / renewal.

5. My Insurance has expired yesterday is there a grace period after last date for renewal without inspection/penalty

There is no grace period in comprehensive insurance. The NCB savings will lapse after 3 months.

6. Can I renew my insurance without an inspection?

For third party it does not matter. But it's mandatory for comprehensive insurance. However you may please check up with your Insurance company on the same.

7. What to do when an accident / loss happens?

Try to minimize the loss by easiest available method. Check your insurance policy document and inform the insurer with the following:

  • Brief description of event
  • Policy number
  • Extent of damages in nearest 1000/-
  • Contact no and address
  • Brief description of event

8. What happens after informing Insurer?

The Insurer will appoint an Independent surveyor who is an License holder by IRDA to assess the loss. Please give full information and the required documents to the surveyors in order to finalize the amount of loss.

9. When my claim gets settled?

On submission of loss assessment report by the Independent surveyor the Insurer shall process the claim based on the recommendations of the surveyor and the loss be settled.

10. Is the dispute between the insurance company and others, Am I a party to the dispute?

No. once you handover the court case and papers to insurance company then they take over the case. You may however need to go once to court.

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